CUSTOMER guarantee: every customer will experience a unique and productive
business relationship, based on personalized service - from ordering to delivery.
Our PRODUCT guarantee:* through our exclusive, double quality control, our
products are guaranteed against any flaw resulting from mechanical processes -
squaring, sanding, high-temperature pressing - or against any other manufacturing

* According to
CHPVA standards, natural hardwood veneer characteristics, such as mineral streaks,cross bars, burls, gum spots, grains, joints, sugar spots, points and knots, are not considered imperfectionsbut natural occurrences resulting from tree maturation.

We are a team of experts with the skills and know-how to understand and respond to the needs and demands of every one of our customers.

Our recognized manufacturing experience drives us to set quality standards abovethose of our competitors.

We all strive for excellence: every member of the
OPTIMUM team actively participates in the on-going improvement of our products and services.
PANNEAUX OPTIMUM is an eco-friendly company. We back up this philosopywith concrete actions that help preserve the planet’s precious hardwood resource:

• we carry a majority of « green » products;

• our protective cardboards are made from      100% recycled pulp;

• we are
FSC® certified..

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