Since its beginnings, constant growth has been PANNEAUX OPTIMUM’s
trademark. We make and sell plywood panels that meet the highest standards for
quality, performance and customer service.
Conveniently located in the heart of the Bois-Francs and close to all its strategic suppliers,
PANNEAUX OPTIMUM provides its customers with quick and accurateservice, from ordering to delivery.

With its state-of-the-art equipment, including a
63-inch TIME SAVERS sander withthree sandblasting heads, the PANNEAUX OPTIMUM plant is a model of its kind inthe plywood industry.

Our goal is to manufacture and deliver the highest quality products that meet theneeds, expectations and specifications of every customer, in compliance with
environmental standards.
SINCE 2006

PANNEAUX OPTIMUM is an eco-friendly company. We back up this philosopywith concrete actions that help preserve the planet’s precious hardwood resource:

• we carry a majority of « green » products;

• our protective cardboards are made from      100% recycled pulp;

• we are
FSC® certified.

We are a team of experts with the skills and know-how to understand and respond to the needs and demands of every one of our customers.

Our recognized manufacturing experience drives us to set quality standards abovethose of our competitors.

We all strive for excellence: every member of the
OPTIMUM team actively participates in the on-going improvement of our products and services.

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